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Scottish Energy Tidal Turbine Power Company Supplies Electricity to the National Grid: Renewable Power (w/Video)

Technology advancement in harnessing renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind has reached a long way. However, tapping marine energy efficiently and reliably at the same time has always remained a challenging task.

Muscles Powered Biohybrid Devices: Robotics with Tissue Engineering

Let’s picture the word, “Robot”, immediately, we get a glimpse of self operating machines, with nuts-and-bolts as building blocks. These machines are permeating all sections of our society. Machine human relationship has crossed the realms…

Green Future: PlasticRoads an Alternative to Tar and Asphalt road surfaces

Experts worldwide keep finding new ways to recycle plastic waste. Qualities like lightweight, moisture resistant, flexible and relatively cheap have increased production and consumption of plastic worldwide, but with so many benefits, comes disadvantages. Plastics…