10 Photographs depicting Egyptian Tombs with colorful murals unseen for thousands of years

An American research team was able to surface an old tomb in the southern city of Luxor. The Tomb belonged to Amenhotep, protector of Amun’s temple, an Egyptian deity. As per the sources, the tomb dates back to the 18th century’s New Kingdom.

Earlier this month, similar tombs were discovered at the foothills of Theban Mountains and over the town of al-Qurna.

Photographs released by the Egypt’s antiquities ministry depict paintings in green and brown colors with hieroglyphics with murals displaying festivities and everyday activities. Considering the hieroglyphics’ age, the paintings are still extremely vibrant and bright. However, sarcophagus containing bejeweled mummies were found missing ministry assume those being stolen or looted at some point. Some of the newly discovered tombs too have been vandalized for unknown reasons added the sources. Whatever be the case maybe, these tombs still stand tall and awe-inspire people for their artistry and aesthetic sense. Here are a couple of images revealing the most exquisite and the colorful murals unseen for thousands of years:

1) Hieroglyphics with murals displaying festivities


2) Hieroglyphics with murals displaying everyday activities


3) Tombs were likely created sometime between 1543-1292BC


4) Tombs at the foothill of the Theban mountains


5) Murals depict both celebrations and everyday activity


6) Paintings still remarkably vibrant and colorful


7) Tombs containing bejeweled mummies were looted


8) Remarkable carvings all through the walls as well as the ceiling


9) Painting representing the pharaoh


10) Political and religious leader of the Egyptian people


Source: Dailymail

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