10 Weird Facts about Spiders: The Creepy Crawlers

Spiders are famous for their architectural skill that is displayed by weaving of web. Majority in the species prefer solitary life, alone in their cobwebs. They look eerie no doubts but they show such unique and weird characteristics that researchers across the globe are still trying to figure out the reasons behind these awestruck potentialities that these arachnids exhibit. Some of them are described below:

1) Bulky DNA


The DNA of one spider egg is equal to the amount of genetic material of four humans combined.

2) Immortals


There is no expiry date for spiders they can survive up to unlimited time span. Spiders during the reign of Mang-Tsun dynasty still exist in China.

3) Mammals


Many spiders have very fine hair called setae, although several families have little or no hairs. Spiders with hair are the mammals producing milk. The same gland does milk secretion as well as the production of silk threads.

4) Resourceful


Atmosphere is never a huddle for spiders they can work effortlessly at the both of sea, ultra-thin atmosphere above Earth as well as in vacuum.

5) Uric acid


Instead of flushing out urine, spiders give out uric acid that is near solid and not dissolvable in water.

6) Consumption


Sum of the weight of bugs or creatures consumed by spiders annually is more than the total weight of the entire human population.

7) Regeneration


Spiders have 48 knees with 8 legs with 6 joints on each. Young spiders are capable of regenerating a leg if it is lost.

8) Intelligence


On an average, a spider’s brain can surpass the brilliant scientists’ intelligence and reasoning provided the brain have cognitive lobe, which however is absent in the case of an arachnid.

9) Homosexuals


In order to maintain population control, the specie evolved as homosexuals. This is why there is less number of females. And after mating, the queen kills the male considering it as a genetic anomaly.

10) Evolution


Millipedes are believed to be originally strings of dozens of spiders. Evolution morphed them into single entity we see today.

There is more to the list but these are the ones, which I find completely weird. I’m sure there are things which are still not explored yet but I still hope we do not ever come across any flying spider.


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