Ex-Nasa man to build Ecosystems with One Billion Trees using Drones: Streamlining Reforestation


In an effort to solve world climatic problem, Lauren Fletcher, the founder of a drone start-up called BioCarbon Engineering, is planning to employ drones for planting seedlings across forests.

Fletcher is an environmental engineer, whose prior experience involves working with NASA for 20 years. He is looking forward to employ drone technology for planting nearly one billion trees annually.

Manual planting is not involved

With an altitude of 2 to 3 meters from the ground, the drones will release pods containing pre -germinated seeds sodden in a nutritious hydrogel.

The firm’s CEO claims to plant about 36,000 trees per day with up to 15% of the cost of traditional methods. They are not only looking forward to generate trees plantations but also the entire ecosystems. For instance, their planting operation would also involve creating species of microorganisms and fungi so that they might enhance the soil quality, consequent upon which they could bet on their effort’s long-term sustainability.


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