Hydrogen Powered Cars Will Be The Future Transportation

Hydrogen Cars

With the ever-increasing fuel prices and harmful greenhouse gases produced by these fuels, the need of the hour is to switch to an alternative fuel as effective as the traditional fuels. One such innovation is being done in the field of automobile industry with bringing the concept cars like electric cars and now hydrogen cars is being added to the list. These pollution free hydrogen cars would emit only water vapor and so can be seen as a promising mode of transportation in the future. 

Three big automobile manufacturing companies: Hyundai, Honda and Toyota have disclosed its plan to bring fuel cell vehicles on road as early as spring of next year. Hyundai would be first to sell its hydrogen cell vehicle Tuscan a small SUV to the general public of the US. Honda plans to bring on road by 2015 starting first from Los Angeles and Toyota in Japan and later expanding in the US.

The hydrogen fuel cell involves a chemical process, which separates the electrons and protons from the hydrogen gas molecules. These isolated electrons get attracted towards a positively charged pole and this movement creates the necessary energy to drive the electric motor, which in turn rotates the wheels. In the process no hydrogen is burnt unlike gasoline, moreover oxygen is introduced into the system, which upon meeting with hydrogen ions and electrons generates water and heat, making it a clean fuel.

The advantages of hydrogen cell vehicle over the electric cars is easy refueling unlike taking hours to get charge in electric cars and with fuel tank mounted at the rear can be used for travelling long distances without any apprehension of getting short of electricity.

The hydrogen automobile makers have over the time improved these cars for safety and reliability with numerous crash tests. The challenge automobile makers now face, is the high cost involved in the manufacturing and non availability of enough filling station and limiting the mass production as of now.

The new concept cars seems to have a promising future as countries in US are getting inclined towards these clean energy and the vehicle using such technology. Los Angeles has in total nine refilling station and the government of California has announced a sum of $100 million to make 100 of new filling stations. As of now in total 8 states have planned to bring 3.3 million cars (battery running, plug in or clean fuel burning concept cars) on road by 2025. Therefore, you may very soon be able to lease or buy such car for yourself.

Source: Phys.org

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