Aircraft with Panoramic Pods: Passengers to share Pilot’s Eye View


Ever wondered how it would feel to sit in a cockpit while the plane is gliding through the clouds high above. Especially, imagining a view that only pilot’s are privileged to see is one of my most cherished dreams. I have always given a thought over it even when am not within a plane. Watching a plane from below have always struck me with the idea as of how would it feel for the person(s) who are steering the huge machine above.

I guess, the time is not far when one of my heartfelt wish is going to materialize. Triton is the name of the novel concept that helps people living this dream of theirs. The concept consists of two pods, similar to the shaft of the cockpit but situated beneath the wings on either side of the plane. Take a look below,


Panoramic view from the above

Micronautix, the firm behind Triton envisions taking the holidaymakers to the next level by their three fuselage sections aircraft. Like the cockpit, the plane allows passengers to take unobstructed panoramic views of a geographical location from the above along with luxury accommodations for sightseeing adventures. However, the two pods are of course without gauges, indicators or instruments.

The pods on either of the pilot cabin can accommodate 3 to 5 passengers. For the first time, passengers would be able to take stills from angles rarely captured before.

Triton is indeed one of the hottest air machines that have come out in the last couple of decades.



Its wing area is 19 meter square while wingspan 13 meter. Empty weight amounts to 1,200 kg while the gross weight is 1,905 kg and 450 horsepower powers the machine. Its cruise speed 287 km/h while 111 km/h is the stall speed.

Electric hybrid power will be added up in its advanced versions together with battery technology that will give up to 20 min of quite flight over noise sensitive areas.

The firm establishes its safety and is recommended to fly over destinations like the Grand Canyon, Key West, Hawaii, Lake Tahoe and similar other locations.

Source: Daily Mail

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