Caper Smart Shopping Cart (w/Video): Trolley with Deep Learning and Machine Vision

Autonomous, by far, has limited with the use of robotics or car but lately, the concept has encircled shopping carts as well. In the coming future, retail stores would offer “consumer has it all” experience by simply grabbing and going option.

How? Well, it is possible with Caper’s AI-powered smart carts. Unlike the conventional cart, the smart cart, with the help of built-in sensors, will identify every item that a customer puts into it. And finally tally’s up the total price of items that are placed into the cart. What’s more! It also offers a built-in payment terminal that the shopper may use at the end of her/his purchase. Thus, surpassing the waiting in the checkout line.

New technologies are already giving an upper edge when it comes to online shopping. Internet shopping has become an integral part of majority of the population irrespective of their location. And at this point, witnessing the AI powered shopping cart will surely mark an evolution in retail store shopping.

Digital Shopping Cart  

Let’s imagine, we are pushing the “revolutionary cart”, every time we put an item into it, the voice (AI powered obviously) or the screen pops up displaying the product’s price, the special offer that it has or some offer that the store is coming up with, special discount that we are getting since our purchase has reached a certain amount. Not to miss, a map for maneuvering the cart around the store.

Scanless Shopping

The current version does not support scanless shopping as the customers have to manually scan the barcode of individual product before putting it into the cart. However, in the coming future, the developers aim to automate the process.  

Benefits to Merchants

The cart will help in customer’s buying and decision making. Secondly, it would be instrumental in maintaining customer loyalty program. This would directly lead to growing revenues.

Carts might collect data regarding customer’s user behaviour, as in

  • how much time does a user hover and in front of which product shelves,
  • does she/he likes to collect more deals and discounts,  
  • other than the regular product, what other items does the customer looks into.  

All these data will help retail partners so they can optimize their layouts accordingly.

In Feb 2018, iVend Retail conducted a survey, were a third of 2,250 internet users expressed their desire to make automatic payments with the help of digital shopping carts. Hence, it surely would revolutionize the retail shopping experience.

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