Color changing Ice Cream: Fruit-flavoured treat invented by a Physicist


In an interested way in doing something unconventional, a Spanish physicist pioneered in preparing magical ice cream that changes color as it is tasted in a cone. Wanting to do something different from the usual research work, the engineer, professor and physicist Manuel Linares thought of doing something in the line of cookery.

His love for ice cream and fascination towards the phenomenon, which causes its change in color under fluorescent lights, compelled him to create an ice cream that varies in color as per the temperature and acids found in human mouth. Linares teamed up with two of his friends and developed a lab for the experiment from his own funds and within a week, the trio came up with color changing magical ice cream. Dubbed as Xamaleón, the ice cream tastes like tutti-frutti.

Mechanism behind the color changing process is due to some fruits in combination with spritz, aka love elixir, which is sprayed after the ice cream is scooped into a cone. Xamaleón is served as periwinkle blue then it’s get coded to pink and finally turns purple, as it is licked.

Upon asking Linares only said that the product is made up of natural materials but didn’t disclose much about the additional ingredients since his research still haven’t finished yet, he has decided to explore further with this color changing ice cream. With an aim of creating more similar exotic flavored ice cream, he has opened up a shop at his hometown, Blanes. He is also planning to utilize Peruvian and African medicinal plants for his next ice cream probably because he wanted to give the pleasure of an aphrodisiac effect to its consumers.

There is no mention so I guess it’s obvious that the flavor remains the same unlike the color but what about the stakes of developing some kind of medical problems maybe in later years for the consumers, something like cancer, it’s just an apprehension though.

Source: Engadget

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