EcoMotors’ Opoc Engine: Breaking the Conventional Designs


EcoMotors, a Michigan-based start-up,  is about to revolutionize the internal combustion engines by creating an innovative type of engine, which they claim would pay less stress on wallet and at the same time, might enhance fuel economy by twenty percent with respect to turbo diesel engines.

The company has decided to work in co-ordination with China because they feel that China has right market for the technology. Government in East Asia is quite particular when it comes to air quality and fuel efficiency.

Opoc Engine

Its Opoc engine will break the conventional engines designs. In order to increase the power density, they have come up with two cylinders with two pistons each. For regulating combustion, the compression stroke and then the combustion stroke makes use of electrical control systems than the conventional mechanical components. For instance, clutch based on electrical control would allow engines to operate on either of the cylinders while driving, this is turn would end up on saving fuel while in motion.

EcoMotors are looking forward to start working on diesel engines first since, gasoline, natural gas, or biofuels fed vehicles work on the same architecture.

Globally, automakers are playing around with internal combustion engines and making gradual changes when it comes to achieving fuel efficiency. For example, Ford EcoBoost engine is a combination of turbocharger and direct injection. The aim of EcoBoost technology is to deliver power with nearly 20% increased fuel efficiency and 15% reduced greenhouse emissions.

China has a fertile market for energy technology companies, which makes it easier for raising funds for manufacturing large-scale plants. With this joint venture, we would definitely see the next generation internal combustion engines.

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