Electronics to morph into Bendable Devices: Future of Wearable Gizmos


Scientists in South Korea are working towards creating spintronics based wearable devices. Spintronics also known as spin transport electronics is an emerging technology that exploits the basic intrinsic spin of the electron along with its associated magnetic moment and electronic charge. Based on this technology, the researchers have fabricated a thin film that has an ability of maintaining its electric as well as magnetic properties even when curled into a cylinder.

Researchers for conducting the experiment used multiferroic material bismuth ferrite. There has been a problem of leakage current with the material, which hampers the strong electric properties. However, the team discovered that fabricating a flexible and thin film from bismuth ferrite completely reverses the results since the film enhanced the electric and magnetic properties of the material. Hence, they started creating 24nm nanoparticles from bismuth ferrite and blended them in polymer solution, finally dried it to form a flexible, thin and stretchable film. The resultant film retained its electric and magnetic properties even when highly curved.


Magnetic properties were improved by the nano-sized particles while the current leakage problem was solved by the polymer’s dielectric properties added the researchers.

With this discovery, researchers envision of creating magnetic logic circuits and non-volatile magnetic memories that are expected to be quicker and much more energy-efficient than the conventional electronic circuits.

Image: Engineering and Technology Magazine

Source: American Institute of Physics

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