Ericsson 5G delivers 5 Gbps speeds: Connectivity across Telephony to Applications


Unlike any international tech event, this year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona people showed an intensive interest on the use of 5G networks. As expected, the 5G network would be offering exponential gains over its predecessor 4G in terms of the two main things, speed and capacity. Anyhow, 2020 is the anticipated year for the implementation of the 5G networks however lately, Ericsson, the Stockholm-based communications technology and services company has demonstrated the pre-standard 5G network technology by displaying its ability of achieving 5 gbps speed.

5G Network Development Activity

Ericsson employed the novel “radio interface concept” along with an advanced Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology. For the development of the 5G technology, the company made use of antenna technologies with larger bandwidths, soaring frequencies and smaller transmission time intervals. Exclusively for 5G trials, radio base stations for baseband units and radio units are being developed. Other major areas that are being into consideration are small cells in an assorted network setting, higher frequency bands of 15 GHz along with higher speed & higher capacity backhaul transmission.

Development of highly developed radio technologies is the major stepping-stone towards the concretization of a 5G future. Since 5G will have one of the major impact on the core of mobile networks, which will revolutionize the entire mobile milieu so the team is working in tandem with similar major players like NTT DOCOMO and SK Telecom. Nevertheless, 5G technology is still in its nascent stage since work is yet to be done in terms of the new spectrum allocation.

Leveraging the ability of 5G

5G would be a game changer especially when we talk about the emergence of internet of things within our life. To make it an affordable option and of course a reality high-speed network ability will become the foundation for any provider. Same technology will also herald the techo age of driverless vehicles running across the highways.

With the birth of 5G networks, we would be witnessing limitless access to information along with sharing of the same across the globe. Then connectivity would be ubiquitous and not be limited to telephonic products but extended to other areas of applications included appliances and vehicles.

Source: Ericsson

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