Flying Cars a Reality by 2017: An Era of Self-driving, Self-flying Cars


Slovakia-based Aeromobil is making a flying car dream come true by 2017. The company has already tested prototypes that have been successful in both driving and flying. The sporty two seater, called the flying roadster will be spreading its wings in the skies in mere two years from now.

Although, price has not been set however, initially, the company would be rolling out only the limited edition vehicle especially for uber-rich supercar buyers and flight enthusiasts. The vehicle will have a flying range of nearly 700km on gasoline, while staying below altitude of three kilometers added company co-founder and CEO Juraj Vaculik.

Nevertheless, the firm is looking forward for launching autonomous flying cars for masses as well.

Vaculik envisions that flying cars would benefit visiting places that have connectivity problems. Along with this, the technology would help in reducing the need for expensive roads in the near future. By taking the advantage of many layers of airspace, these cars can lessen the traffic congestion. The traffic they are talking about is on the road but what about the air traffic. Eventually we’d be hearing stuff like akin to road traffic these flying cars aka tiny planes are causing massive delays due to air space constriction.

Source: CBC News

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