Graphene Sheet morphs into Droplets: A Serendipitous Discovery


Graphene does not stop surprising researchers with its limitations when it comes to application in fields like electronics, energy storage and energy generation. The list does not end here, now the wonder material looks promising in domain of medical sciences as well.

During routine tests, Monash University’s researchers discovered that sheets of graphene oxide morph into liquid crystal droplets on its own accord. With its new avatar, the graphene droplets have find a promising place in delivery of drugs and disease detection, claimed the researchers.

The wonder material is composed of 2D sheet of carbon, which is just one atom thick. Its tensile strength is hundred times more than that of steel and conducts heat and electric current with higher efficiency.

No signs of magnetism

An external magnetic field causes the graphene sheet to morph into droplets, this phenomenon can be utilized for controlling the drug release applications, said Majumder one of the lead researcher. Generally, drug delivery system makes use of magnetic particles for control, this also makes them more effective but there remains a margin of toxicity in certain physiological conditions. Whereas, the scope of insalubrities is zilch since there are no magnetic properties in graphene. Therefore, it could be used for drug delivery systems in the near future envision the experts.

Usually graphene structure is altered with the help of atomisers and mechanical equipment. But in this case, the team placed the graphene sheets within a solution for processing for industrial application. However, they discovered that under a specific pH condition, the sheet changes its shape into droplets. An extremely significant finding, which wasn’t discovered before. This made the researchers excited and hopeful towards graphene steeping into the new dimension of drug delivery systems.

Source: Monash University

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