Gravity: The Next Genesis Of Electricity

Macías Hernández

Gravity, the defining force that attracts a body towards the centre of the earth will now play a crucial role for the generation of electricity. The Mexican entrepreneurs claim that they have developed a system which is proficient enough to exploit the vehicular flow. Their astonishing device has the potential to capture the force generated by the moving vehicles which triggers the generation of electric current with as much strength so as to light up an entire household.

An English patent already exists on an idea similar to this, where the piezoelectric materials are used for the generation of electricity in response to the mechanical stress being applied on the road surfaces. But Héctor Ricardo Macías Hernández, the developer of the new system averted that this would result to be an expensive affair for the developing nations. He stated that the technology adopted by him includes a viable source of concurrent energy that could be executed at a fairly low price.

His technology comprises of the use of a ramp-step that is assembled by making use of a polymer similar to the polymer used to create tires. This ramp-step elevates to a height of about 5cm above the normal street level. At the time when this ramp is shoved down by the heavy weight vehicles, it then leads to the compression of a set of bellows. This generates tremendous amount of air that passes through a channel of ducts into a large tank. It is here that the air is ultimately compressed and re-launched to an electricity generating turbine.

Héctor Ricardo Macías Hernández also added that the total electric energy being collected is directly proportional to the flow of vehicular traffic over a determined spot. However in places with a comparatively lower traffic several corrugated ramp-steps could be placed to multiply the effect of the impact of every vehicle.

The same technology can also be applied at places with high pedestrian flow, such as the subways, as even the footsteps of people can lead to the generation significant amount of electricity in aforesaid places.

Macías Hernández also mentioned his gratitude to the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), owing to its persistent support as it played an essential role for the achievement of this technological development. He stated that the institution elaborated a previous study regarding the viability of the project and also guided to structure the imperative patents of the invention.

Source: Revolution-Green

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