Magnetic Fields in Electric and Hybrid Cars Involve No Threat: Cars under Safety Margin


Majority welcomed the vehicular era when electric and hybrid automobiles took to the center stage. While there were still others who were doubtful regarding the dangers that might affect the passengers including drivers imposed by the possibly generated electromagnetic fields. However, the increasing number of electric car ownership has thwarted this idea.

Seven various electric cars, including hydrogen, gasoline and diesel powered cars, were put under survey by SINTEF, Norway and they discovered that exposure of the electromagnetic radiation was less than 20%. A limit, which was suggested by ICNIRP, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.

Henriksen from SINTEF claimed that there is completely no room for concern. They performed an inside car experiment using test dummy with sensors embedded in head, chest and feet. The highest electromagnetic field, which is quite less than 20%, was observed at the floor of the vehicles, near to the battery. Same levels of radiations were picked during the ignition as well.


There has been an uproar regarding the possible dangers of magnetic fields generated by these hybrid and electric vehicles since 2008. Many were discussing whether hybrids are healthy for drivers or not. During the fall of 2012, people where putting queries on Tesla Motors’ online forums about the expected dangers that these vehicles possibly possess.

Nevertheless, the recent research conducted by the SINTEF has exploded the conventional myth of encountering any danger with these vehicles. It further substantiated by laying forward the main point as per which the exposure of magnetic field is equal in the amount as generated by any conventional car. However, this is not the end, the SINTEF project has given further instruction in designing electrical cars as per which the magnetic fields are suppose to be kept at the least minimum level.

Although, the experts have given green flag but am still not sure regarding commuting of pregnant women and infants in these vehicles surrounded by the electromagnetic fields.


Image: IEEE SpectrumSciencedaily

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