MindRider: Brain Monitoring Systems for Mapping Mental Experience


Researchers at the MIT Media Lab are working towards creating a novel helmet system that would reflect bike rider’s mind in the real time. It will be able to mind map rider’s engagement level from relaxed state to focused level while navigating through the routes.

Mapping Mental Experience

Sensors are embedded within the foam of the helmet that would act as a bridge between the brain waves and translating those ripples into the display of level of engagement. The technique is based on EEG (electroencephalography) where the embedded sensors act as brain-computer interface, BCI. Color-coding is used to understand the level of engagement for instance, green would depict relaxed state, blue represent low energy while red is for intense attention.

MindRider app

The MindRider app will not only track the levels but would also help in social sharing.  These maps would provide light computational insights that would assist in enhancing the riding experience.

It would be compatible with:

  • iPhone 4S or higher
  • iPad 3 or later
  • BLE-enabled Android devices


Brain Monitoring Systems, the Next Gen Tool

As of now, the bikers look exciting in terms of sharing their neural activity. Who knows after Facebook, the brain monitoring systems might become the next most powerful tool for networking amongst the enthusiasts.

Source: Kickstarter

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