New Generation of Fast-Charging Batteries: Innovative Battery Technology


Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) researchers have fabricated an innovative battery that can charge nearly 70% of its capacity in just 2 minutes. This does not affect its longevity; on the contrary, the scientists are claiming its survival age to over 20 years.

The rippling effect of this breakthrough battery technology would cover larger areas. However, one of the most drastic effects is expected to be seen in the electric vehicular industry, where long recharging times limits the surge of electric automobiles into the market. Lithium-ion based these next generation batteries have the super capacity of charging 20 times faster than the conventional technology. Along with this, the new technology would also eclipse the problem of frequently battery replacements since the endurance capacity of the new battery is over 10,000 charging cycles, which is too much in front of the current 500 cycles.

Nanostructures morphed for superfast charging

Researchers have tossed the conventional graphite anode with a new gel, a substance fabricated from titanium dioxide, a surplus and cheap material, also found in soil. Currently, the material is used in food preservative and sunscreen lotions for soaking up unsafe ultraviolet rays.

NTU’s researchers morphed the naturally found spherically shaped material particles into micro nanotubes. Since the newly tweaked nanostructure is responsible for speeding up the chemical reactions within the new battery.

With the reduction of lithium-ion batteries cost, the market is growing towards creating new applications in the field of electric mobility and energy storage, claimed NTU professor Rachid Yazami. He further added that there is still enough room for improvement especially in modules like power density, as it would directly influence the fast charging ability.

2016, the era of next gen technology

Prof Chen one of the lead researchers is looking forward to apply for a Proof-of-Concept grant so that prototype of the battery could be produced on large scale. Although, the patented technology has already drew the industry experts towards itself.

As per Prof Chen envision, no sooner than the next two years, the breakthrough battery technology will hit the market. It has the potential of combating the ongoing power issues related to electro-mobility. The era will also usher reduction in waste produced by disposed batteries since the new batteries would last 10 times longer than the existing batteries.

Source: Nanyang Technological University

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