Paperless Workplace Powered only by Wind and Water: Office Banned Toilet Roll


Imagine an office day without paper, difficult, isn’t it. It is indeed but for Netherlands based company, Decos’, it is nothing but any other regular day. Decos’ is the world’s first firm that has nothing to do with paper; yes this includes washrooms as well.

The firm truly believes in keeping their paraphernalia cleaner and greener hence they have completely left no room for paper. For carrying out regular activities, energy is delivered by wind farms that are closely situated. Its crew includes dozens of electric vehicles; Apps and ‘shower toilets’ are the tools provided for the sixty member staff. They have customized their own apps used for organizing meeting and similar office schedules.

Paperless workplace

Contracts and documentation is done using e-signatures and no paper is ever sent for printing. Digital communication is the only preferred method, which means, there are no business cards as well. Tissues and toilet paper too have been banned instead, the crewmembers makes use of Geberit Aqua Clean ‘shower toilets’, which happens to be a mixture of conventional toilet and a bidet.


Closely located wind turbine park powers energy for the building. The premise extends up to 2,500 square meters and cost nearly £2.2 million to complete.

Futuristic design

Inbo Architects designed the futuristic building. The arena is something like a meteorite in an alien moon landscape symbolizing the firm’s zeal and creativity. The walls are slanting than straight and instead of having individual cabins, there are flex-stations with glass partitions.

By totaling banning paper, Decos accounts for saving more than sixteen trees annually, this equals to nearly one tonne of paper.


After performing success at its paperless workplace, the firm now aims towards designing bots and creating machine-learning products. They also envision to work in creating innovative collaboration tools for assisting other firms in going paperless by adopting digitalized way of working and communication.

Upon asking their feedback on the absence of paper, the company’s MD Roel Noort said that they do not miss having paper around and on the contrary, by implementing the paperless technology, they have experienced an escalation in efficiency, organization and overall sustainability of their firm.

From the outside the idea looks really cool but I have a question, what if the employees have cold or in that case, the firm might have provided the work from home option :-l

Source: Daily Mail

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