Shoes From Back To The Future II Stepping Into The Real World

Power Laces Shoes

Power Laces Shoes is the future of footwear, do not mix it with Loafers people (like one of my friend did), I am far too way to give any fashion statement :l

The famous Tinker Hatfield, designer from the Nike announced that the power laces from Back to the Future II would hit the real world by 2015. He is the man behind the famous Air Jordan series and other fashionable shoes. At the moment, its far to predict whether the coming of the power laces would be in Nike Mag or any other product.

Soon humans too would come under the paraphernalia of internet of things: power laces shoes, super computers in pocket, appliances communicating with each other at home, riding electric cars and flying cars, communicating via bandwidth, and nature then would be a thing existing in dictionaries then. Who knows, some sort of super brain would then be controlling everything, guess too much of science fiction, eh!

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