Tesla’s Model X: Style and Functionality Combo Driving up the Research Budget


Stylish is the word that resonates well with Tesla Motors. This time, the coolness is reverberated by the Falcon Wings of the highly anticipated Model X electric car. A beautiful blend of an SUV and minivan, the electric powertrain boasts of providing an unfettered performance and brilliant functionality.

Unlike any other SUV, the center of gravity is positioned at the lowest level providing nimble reflexes at every curve of the road. The automobile conveys moment torque during path progressions or while entering into a different lane deftly even when there are six to seven adults stacked inside.

Grand Performance

All its four wheels receive torque from the engine while running, which of course means, it a Four-wheel drive (4WD). Its dual motor capability helps in gaining traction and increasing torque across all weather and road conditions. Model X has a bragging acceleration of about 60 mph in less than 5 seconds, which is quite incredible with respect to other sports cars & SUVs.


Falcon Wings

Doors or the Falcon Wings are not only an epitome of style statement but they depict an essence of functionality as well. Rather than having a feel of climbing onto the car, it gives a feeling of stepping inside the car. Along with it, the ‘wings’ allow to make extensive use of narrow parking pockets after all, Model X’s door opens up and not spread out.

Easy Seating

Ease of use even with respect to the seating arrangement is very good and within each reach. Third row is conveniently accessible even when there is child seat fitted on the second row as it slides forward, making room to enter for the behind row. Seat on the third row is as easy to get to as any other seat in the car.


The dashboard has the futurist touch. It allows for getting hold of the information as well as the entertainment, while the wheels are running on the ground.

A 60 or 80 kWh with minimum emissions powers the Model X. The electric powertrain sheds the big-car lifestyle all throughout its ambience and design, which is hard to resist.

What’s next?


Design of Model X has already been revealed at the beginning of 2012. Production was expected to start during 2014 however, there is a slight delay in the gull-winged crossover since development is driving up research costs. In spite of everything, Tesla is trying to make expensive technology cheap, which of course takes time. Its previous electric sedan, Model S, was sodden with eye-popping performance and Musk is trying real hard to retain the same expectations but this time with a lower price. After all, he doesn’t want to put stress on his client’s wallet relatively and so he is spending big on his current R&D.

Source: Tesla Motors

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