The New BMW 7 Series: Remote parking via LCD Display


BMW’s 7 Series is the only sedan or extended-length limousine in BMW’s flagship car and it is about due for a redesign. The German automaker has already initiated testing some of its upcoming features that we might expect when the machine hits the shelves.

As always, the 7 Series, is an epitome of quality standards with an equal balance of performance-focused features as well as aesthetics, not to miss the latest technology which eventually would filter down to the ensuing models over the course of time.

Remote parking via LCD display

Some of the high-tech features of the new 7 include, setting the car off with remote-control parking, which will allow parking and summoning the vehicle without the need of anyone in it. As is the case with its i3 model.

A key that has a UI of an LCD controls the feature; quite similar to a smartphone of course without the phone part that is. The Display Key features other options and functions, providing information to driver concerning the vehicle itself. Although the design hasn’t been revealed yet but its latest features were surfaced in a recently released video.

No iDrive knob

Features like gesture control and a touchscreen have been integrated within the cabin in the new 7. So, just by waving hand, one can get access to basic radio and phone functions. Interaction with the display can be done directly, than the conventional iDrive knob present at the centre console.


To give an edge to its lightweight performance, BMW Carbon Core or the carbon fiber is used for the manufacturing of its parts. An ingredient borrowed from the i8.

The car is expected to unveil any time soon. Click here to see the large collection of car in full camo, recently released by BMW.

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