The Zettabyte Era: IP Traffic in 2017


As per ISPs worldwide scrutiny, Cisco predicts that by 2017, yearly global Internet traffic will escalate to 1.4 zettabytes, which is equivalent to 1021 bytes. While in 2012, the traffic was around 1018 bytes that happens to be 528 exabytes.

Researchers claim that videos alone would be able to fetch nearly 90 percent of traffic along with machine-to-machine communication and the explosion of mobile devices contributing to the high tide.

Wave of mobile devices including the Smartphone sales in Mid East and Africa will also run in the boom drive. Since the developed nations are already sodden with mobile market, so there machine-to-machine communications will be a major propagator.

Traffic of lesser chunk would move over unrestricted Internet’s long-haul links used by public. Akamai, the content delivery network would be responsible for some amount of the traffic portion since it will bring about media content straight to metropolitan-area networks.

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