Virtual Environment gets converged with Real World: The Sulon Cortex


Running against the walls of the physical reality is one of the major huddles while being into the world of gaming in the virtual reality. Sulon Technologies, a Canadian based startup delved into the issue and pioneered a new spirit into the visual immersion system by their latest concept to which they call the Cortex.

With their new system, they are able to explode the conventional gaming mechanics where mind works in virtual reality whereas body stays in the physical realm. Yes, it is now possible to sync the body into the virtual space as well, as a matter of fact, the new technology has made advancement in terms of superimposing the virtual environment over the physical setting. The Cortex, an immersive headset from the vault of Sulon Technologies has made it possible.

2_Sulon Cortex

The headset is not only in control of head position tracker and control tracker, it also has an integrated complex sensor package that works in conjugation with the real surrounding for mapping it for the virtual reality of the gaming world.

The device is integrated with a laser scanner, ultrasonic sensors and a sensitive inertial measurement unit (IMU). Converging all the data coming from the sensors, converting them into a tangible form, and creating map of the external setting is carried out by a computer that rests at the rear of the head.

Mapping Process

After checking the dimensions of the physical room, the Cortex imbibes the aspects and displays the superimposed augmented or totally virtual setting. Consequent upon which, the user is free to roam about the actual physical world but in an altogether virtual setting. For instance, if there is a table or pillar in the room, the obstruction will remain the same but would be glaze in special effect that might suit the gaming scenario.

3_Sulon Cortex

For determining an effective flow of the virtual setting to complex spaces, mapping is done prior to the game, which of course is an independent process. The method partakes moving around the large space that may include different rooms and floors, with the system as it performs the SLAM, simultaneous localization and mapping. Once the map is created, it is saved and instantaneously it becomes available for venturing via the virtual reality.

Modular Design

Sulon has preferred a modular system than restricting to a particular screen. For instance, they have used 6-inch screen smartphone, with 2k resolution display. This means, it can work with other similar smartphones as well. This feature is expected to give a boost to the selling of the headset. With the new smartphones, having superior processors and powerful graphic engines would definitely give an edge to the entire gaming experience.

4_Sulon Cortex

Sulon has taken gaming experience to the next level with its mapping technology and entire body movement. Although Cortex is still in its concept stage but am sure it has already ignited spark amongst the gaming aficionados.

Source: IEEE Spectrum & Sulon Technologies

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