World’s Largest Wind Solar Hybrid: Saving Over $2 Million in Energy Costs


Lately, in Jamaica wind-solar array has been installed, which happens to be the world’s first such arrangement. This hybrid array boasts of providing the maximum renewable energy density of any technology on the market. Energy limit of more than 106,000 kWh is expected to churn out yearly.

WindStream Technologies, the renewable energy tech firm envision that the longevity of the project is around 25 years and the energy cost savings is graphed to go beyond $US 2 million. However, the return on investment will start showing itself within the consequent four years, added the firm.

The array consists of 50 SolarMill devices, each fabricated from highly efficient solar panels along with three wind turbines. Each device has been allotted a dedicated area on the roof space of a single regular solar panel.

Every piece of SolarMill offers the maximum energy density with respect to the currently available in the renewable market. Daily as well as seasonal trends of wind and solar resources have been taken care of by seizing both simultaneously at any time of the day or year.

Electricity produced from the new array arrangement would be consumed and stored off-grid and at the same time fed back to the electricity grid in Jamaica itself.

Video below shows the Wind Solar Hybrid Installation

Source: WindStream Technologies

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