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Yardarm Technologies, a California based firearms technology company has developed an innovative product that has an ability of delivering the real time track record of using firearms, by police personals or security officers. With the use of a wireless sensor for firearms, the company has taken machine-to-machine (M2M) capabilities to a higher level. 

Yardarm sensor conveys telemetry

The Yardarm Sensor fabricated in the firearms bridges the weapon to the Yardarm Cloud and conveys telemetry. The wireless transmission and reception gives the synchronized geo-location and event awareness, which can be surfaced anytime later using the Cloud.

This breakthrough technology is especially meant for tracking firearms in real-time by the defense personals and private security. This technology connects the weapon to computer aided dispatch (CAD) centers and real-time crime centers (RTCC). It can also be worked upon portable devices like the smartphones, tablets and laptops. Yardarm calls for support defense personals in the field by alerting the command centers of critical events occurring at the ground level. The whole process occurs at a faster pace relatively hence, boosting efficiency and offering greater safety to the personals.


Yardarm sensor readings

GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) connects the Yardarm Sensor to the Yardarm Cloud, thus delivering the series of data that can be of importance to the CAD and RTCC software solutions by means of standard APIs. The sensor readings consist of:

  • Geo-Location: Real-world geographic location of event(s), past records of real-time alerts and review of post crime scene.
  • Holster/Unholster: As soon as an officer unholsters his firearm, sensor will deliver the critical information at the ground level and the individuals at the receiving end may evaluate the likelihood of providing assistance.
  • Discharge: Signals in form of mobile alerts are sent to the commander once the officers discharge their weapon.
  • Direction of Fire/Aim: The sensor will also track the most valuable information that is, the direction of the target. This will help not only the commanders in real time but also the crime scene investigators for analyzing and reviewing the scene post occurrence.

At the times when criticism is soaring against the heavy-handed police tactics, this technology would come as a welcoming tool in curbing such practices. Jotting down the accurate reporting of the event would justify the law enforcement dictum.

Source: Yardarm Technologies

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