Cynicism is Directly Proportional to Dementia: Stop being Judgmental

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The American Academy of Neurology recently brought about a health-related journal, where they postulated a direct relation between personality of an individual and dementia. The research carried an experiment, which demonstrated link between cynicism and dementia.

During an eight-year period of the study, researchers examined nearly 1,450 individuals who were given tests for dementia and a questionnaire, with an aim of checking the respective level of cynicism. People having an average age of 71 were taken into account. The research was not limited to just one aspect but factors like high blood pressure, higher cholesterol and smoking habits were too taken into consideration.

At the end of the trial, researchers found out that higher the level of cynicism, higher would be the number of people suffering from dementia, which could be nearly 3 times with respect to individuals having low levels of cynical distrust. Numerically, of the 164 people who showed higher inclination of cynical attitude, 14 developed dementia than 212 who were low on the levels of cynicism.

This research also rebutted the initial belief as per which high level of cynicism meant early death. Once the experts took factors like socioeconomic status, health condition and smoking habits into consideration, they discovered that there is no such link between the two.

Hence, in order to stay away from this mental disorder, the best possible way is to avoid judging others, if they have a selfish motive behind their behavior, just ignore, after all, one’s health is more important than being judgmental.

Source: The American Academy of Neurology

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