Danger Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning During Winters


Winters breaking all records each year and pushing humans to dependent on heaters to cope up with this dip in temperature. With the increase in use of space heaters, humans are at increased risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning as-well. Carbon monoxide has been also termed as Silent Killer by fireman and paramedics because it is colorless, odorless and tasteless and easily goes unnoticed until it gets too late. 

CO is generated by devices like heaters, furnaces, wood stoves and generators producing combustion fumes using kerosene, natural gas, coal & propane. And in winters when these devices are put into use for long hours can cause serious problem, especially in rooms with improper ventilation. The initial symptoms for CO poisoning are headaches, dizziness, nausea. Upon continue exposure symptoms like uneasiness while breathing, chest pain, confusion, blurred vision, other serious medical complications and even death. Generally the symptoms are confused with that of flu and it is advisable to contact your doctor at the earliest on suspecting CO poisoning.

As per the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in the United States alone, carbon monoxide poisoning accounts for the death of around 170 individuals every year.

Here are few tips from the expert to avert the danger of CO poisoning:

* Most important precaution to avoid poisoning is to install a CO alarm system in your house especially in rooms fitted with CO producing appliance. And never overlook CO alarm.
* The CO alarm should be placed at a distance of minimum 15 feet away from the devices producing CO gas.
* Ask a professional to thorough check chimneys of fuel burning appliance, every year.
* Avoid heating your house using kitchen stove or oven.
* Appliance like generator, grill or camping stove should be used in open space, not in closed area like room, basement or parking space.
* Car or motorcycle engine should be turned off and not kept running closed area like parking space, even if the door is open.

This winters don’t forget to educate your family and neighbors about symptoms and precautions related to CO poisoning. And keep checking your CO detectors, if its working fine or require its batteries to be changed. Remember precaution is always better than cure.

Source: ScienceDaily 

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