Drinking Orange Juice helps in tackling Cognition in Elderly: Brain Health


Reading University’s researchers were able to prove that consuming orange juice daily can help in enhancing brainpower especially in elder people.

Nearly 37 healthy people, aged 60 to 81, volunteered to drink 500 ml of juice for 8 weeks. After the stipulated time, they saw major improvements in their brain functions. At the beginning of the study, the participants’ memory, reaction time and verbal fluency were recorded and when the same was observed after a gap of 8 weeks, the marks improved by 8 percent.

A pint on daily basis

Researchers suggested that drinking an entire glass of orange juice is not required rather a pint is enough provided it is to be taken on per day basis along with regular diet.

Researchers suggested flavonoids could be the reason for providing brain nourishment among the older people. It is chemical substance that is present in oranges and is expected promote good health through antioxidant effects and cell signaling pathways especially in hippocampus. The region of the brain that is responsible for learning and storing information.


Flavonoids in orange are easily absorbed

Dr Daniel Lamport, the study’s author said that their discovery has surfaced a cost effective way in improving the cognitive function for old people. Although, tea, cocoa and red wine too contain the same chemical compound but the one in orange are the easily absorbed flavonoids.

Flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables even if taken in small quantities but on regular basis have enough potential to substantially benefit brain health added Dr Lamport.

Although more research is yet to be done on the positive effects of flavonoids nevertheless, it is an important discovery, which paves way for the advantages that are sodden in flavonoid rich foodstuffs especially for people who are tackling cognition at their declining age.

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[Reading University]

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