Higher intake of Salt delays Puberty Onset: Reproductive Health


In a recent investigation by researchers at University of Wyoming, it was revealed that intake of high amount of salt can affect reproductive health of future generations.

Researchers conducted an experiment on rats, where they discovered that the rats that were fed – 3 to 4 times – higher on salt diet showed a significant delay in reaching puberty than those who were kept on low salt intake. Not only this, rats that were not given salt at all also showed same symptoms, that is, delayed puberty.

Late onset of puberty causes behavioral problems

Ms Dori Pitynski, the lead of the study concluded that high or no intake of salt affect’s reproductive health, hence, an ideal amount of salt is recommended for regular onset of puberty. Behavioral problems, anxiety and reduced fertility are some of the symptoms that come along with late onset of puberty, added Ms Pitynski.

Dietary fats versus dietary salts on puberty

Although, many studies on different levels of dietary fats on puberty have been conducted so far but not much has been done in the field of dietary salts. This research did shed some light on the area that was hidden for a long time. High fat diet along with high salt intake did affect the reproductive health in terms of delaying puberty onset. This means, salt intake has a more significant effect than fat content on reproductive health.


Recent guidelines from WHO have stated that on an average only 5 g of salt per day is required to be consumed by adults however, masses around the globe are taking in more than is physiologically necessary.

Ms Pitynski further added that salt in other forms are already being consumed by people across the globe like in processed foods, processed meats, soy sauce and stock cubes, which has a higher chance of causing drastic affect on reproductive health. Even the naturally found food does have salt content in them especially in milk, cream and eggs, hence, all the food consumption items needs to be given more attention, and the idea of their ideal consumption requires to be told to the general masses as a whole.

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