It’s Certified That Men Are More Absent Minded Than Women

men tend to forget more than women

Ladies if you are annoyed about the fact that your husband forgets some important dates and event, you will be glad to hear that men across the globe are absent minded and your husband is no exception. Men often forget anniversaries, birthdays and are equally bad in remembering names of the neighbors or a new friend and are way more absent minded than women. 

As per the Norwegian research, men tend to forget exceedingly more than women. Surprisingly age does not matter to play any role and men were equally forgetful at the age 30 or at the age of 60. These findings are being documented for the first time by the Professor Jostein Holmen, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.

Researcher Holmen and his teammates framed nine questions to check how well individuals believed they can remember, which was organized as a part of a longitudinal population healthy study, called HUNT3 in Norway. Under the HUNT3 researchers collected and examined the answers from over 48,000 individuals on question such as how difficult they find to remember things or remembering specific dates and names. They were even asked to recall a year old event and points from the past conversations. The result showed that men faced difficulty in answering 8 out of the 9 questions asked. Holmen said:

We have speculated a lot about why men report more frequent problems with remembering than women do, but have not been able to find an explanation. This is still an unsolved mystery.

The study also says that the women face the same problem when asked to remember, however to a much lesser degree. Like men, women found names and dates most difficult to remember though their overall memory is better than the men. With the advancement of age, the problem increases as well but in much lesser degree than researchers before perceived it.

Interestingly the study showed that highly educated people are good at remembering than those with minimum education. Even anxiety and depression has a role to play and make people forgetful. And after the age of 60, there is an increase in the memory related problems in both men and women.

Researchers are now trying to understand whether there is a relation between poor memory in youth and dementia with advancement in age.

Next time don’t forget to put a reminder on your husband smartphones so that you do not have to remind him of the important dates and he dutifully gets a gift for the occasion.

Source: Mail Online

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