Kids World Are Gender Specific: A Study


As per the latest research conducted at Michigan State University, world around kids are greatly segregated by gender. In total 426 students were observed, ranging from second to fourth grade from five elementary school in United States. They found boys and girls does not mind being friends however, they strongly believed that girls play with girls and boys with boys only. 

Lead researcher Jennifer Watling Neal says that kids are gender specific when it comes to make friends. Kids firmly think gender is the prime factor in friendship, while the fact is that gender is not playing any significant role in the kids friendships. They found that the chances for the kids of same gender to be friends are nine times more. And 50 times higher chances for a kid to accept that two kids of same gender can be friends.

As per Neal the conclusions of study are very significant as this help children to frame clear concepts of social relations and appropriately avoid any disputes around them. They even tend to have confident communications with their associates. He further said:

In adulthood, we know that people who have accurate perceptions of workplace relationships tend to be perceived as more powerful and have better reputations than their colleagues.

These apprehension could decipher how kids in future as adult may act in their relationships.

The study has made clear that how early kids start noticing things and relations around them and at tender age, make their own perception about every issues.

Source: Counsel & Heal

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