Laughter Sets Off Waves Akin to Meditation: The Brain’s Workout

laughing stimulate gamma waves similar to one seen during meditation

“Laughter is the best medicine” is a very well known saying and is now scientifically proven by researchers. According to a study, researchers have found that laughter in humans can set off brain waves, which are very similar to those related to meditation. The study also reveals that other kinds of incitement can generate various diverse types of brain waves. 

Lee Berk, who is an associate professor in the School of Allied Health Professions, and also an associate research professor of human anatomy and pathology, at the School of Medicine, at Loma Linda University, located in California, mentored the researchers for the study. Researchers examined brain waves of 31 individuals while they were watching funny, upsetting or devotional video clips. They found that the brain of individuals watching funny video had increased levels of gamma waves, which are also the one produced while meditating.

humor related to cheerful laughter bolster high amplitude vibration of gamma bands

While watching devotional clips, the brains of the participants had increased levels of alpha waves, which are identical to one produced when a person is at peace and resting. The upsetting, sad video clips produced flat waves similar to when an individual feels isolated, nonresponsive or doesn’t like to be in a specific situation.

The study is going to be presented at the Experimental Biology session held in San Diego. The facts and conclusions should be considered as primal until the same gets printed in a peer reviewed journal.

As per Berk, the study surfaces the fact that humor related to cheerful laughter bolster high amplitude vibration of gamma bands which are also the exclusive frequency visible in each and every part of the brain. This means that humor completely involves the brain. It is like a complete brain experience with the gamma wave band oscillation and humor, corresponding to meditation.

He further adds that humor and laughter is like a workout for the brain. This effect is crucial as it grant for the subjective consciousness state making the individual to have clear and highly unifying thoughts. This is especially beneficial for individuals who are looking forward to rearrange, revisit and reorganize diverse facet of their lives and to have more focus in life.

Therefore, it is always advisable to laugh and be cheerful, which would also help individuals to stay positive and focused. Anyways, everyone love, welcome and admire an individual who smiles than someone who is always sad or has a melancholic disposition.

Source: Medicalxpress

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