Living Computers inside Alive Cockroaches to Deliver Drugs: DNA Installed Nano-Robots

DNA nanorobot working

In an attempt to study complex programs and to identify and cure certain diseases, researchers at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University and Bar Ilan University in Israel, have come out with a breakthrough that involves DNA-based nanobots. Researchers were able to embed these nanobots into a living cockroach.

These origami robots bear fluorescent markers that allow the scientists to predict about their location within the insect. By interacting with each other, these nanobots were seen performing simple logical operations as well claimed the researchers.

Nanobots delivering drugs

By maneuvering the binding properties of genetic material, the experts were able to bring about the desired results. As per the natural process, DNA disentangles into two strands in the presence of particular protein. Hence, by developing a specific sequence, the strands can be obliged to unravel in this case it could be the diseased cell. And once it disentangles at the site, the package that is wrapped inside can be dropped on it as a cure.


People behind the research discovered that the workings of control and delivery of the nanobots is similar to that of a computer system. Study’s co-author Ido Bachelet went further and stressed that they were able to converge biological therapy with the workings of computer processor.

Researchers envision that these DNA bots might help in transporting cancer drugs within the deep body site and take the role of cogs in a molecular machine.

Mammals have an advanced level of immune system that is it can easily detect some foreign particle stepping into its paraphernalia hence immediate trails cannot be performed on them. However, with the modified versions, in the near future the scenario might change completely.

Source: Dailymail


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