Low Intensity Workouts Aids Health

Low Intensity Workouts Aids Health

Physical activity of any intensity is better than sitting ideal. As per a new study conducted at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Ky, light intensity exercise that can make you get off the couch is still better for health, even though you don’t sweat as much as you do while working hard in gym or running for miles. 

In fact, insulin and triglyceride (blood fat) level were more positive for people (participating in the study) who were busy in moving than spending time just sitting, even if they did not perform exercise as suggested by national guidelines.

Assistant professor and researcher Paul Loprinzi said:

These findings demonstrate the importance of minimizing sedentary activities, and replacing some of them with light-intensity activities, such as pacing back and forth when on the phone, standing at your desk periodically instead of sitting and having walking meetings instead of sit-down meetings.

Keeping yourself engaged with any activities that reduce the overall sitting time such as relaxed biking, washing dishes, playing Wii Fit, gardening, window-shopping, playing a musical instrument, fishing and even sitting on a balance ball, is a key for better health.

Bradley Cardinal, researcher and co-director of the Sport and Exercise Psychology Program at Oregon State University said that though such activities may not be as beneficial in achieving results that can be achieved with rigorous exercise, but it is surely better than just lying in front of TV.

As recommended by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, ideally an adult person should perform minimum 150 minutes of medium intensity aerobic exercise (such as active walking) per week or should practice 75 minutes of strenuous exercise such as running or swimming.

For the study, the researchers evaluated data from more than 5,500 U.S. adults. These participating members wore accelerometers so that their activities can be recorded for the analysis. Almost half of the participating members spend less than 150 minutes per week in medium to rigorous activities. These members were sitting ideal than engaging any light intensity activities.

Spending too much time sitting even raises the risk of chronic disorders such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes and cancer of breast and colon, as found in other such studies.

Overall, this research suggests that is better to walk up-to the store and collect your food parcel than just ordering online, sitting comfortably in the couch. For a healthy life, individuals should take up any hobby involving some physical activity, which interest them and thus staying away from laid-back lifestyle.

Source: Live Science

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