Perceptive Perfume eclipses Sweating with strong Odour: Body Odour Solution


No one likes the idea of using perfumes or deodorants to do away sweating as a matter of fact, no one likes to sweat except if one is gyming. However, climate change is making summers unbearably hot every year and making humans to sweat more. 

In order to bring about a solution to this problem, researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have developed an innovative perfume delivery system that makes a person smell pleasant, the more he/she perspires. This research would definitely make individuals playing their favorite sports or traveling in a crowded tube, more confident in a hot summer season.

Developed in the Queen’s University Ionic Liquid Laboratories (QUILL) Research Centre, the perfume delivery system releases aroma upon contact with moisture, thus making a person smell better with an increase in their sweat level.

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Perfume Delivery System

The innovative product uses ionic liquid which is actually a salt in the form of liquid and has no odor of their own. The team for the purpose chemically attached a raw odor onto these ionic liquids. On exposure to moisture (read sweat) the perfumed ionic liquid releases its raw odor. The more the wearer sweat, the more fragrance is released.

The perfume delivery system is also capable of neutralizing the bad smell from sweat. The compound that makes sweat stinks, is known as “thiol”, is also attracted to the ionic liquid and loses their stinking potency upon the association.

Apart from its use in personal product like perfumes and cosmetic creams, ionic liquid can be used in other field of science for the release of compounds of interest in a controlled manner at a particular site, claimed Dr Nimal Gunaratne.

Source: Queen’s University Belfast

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