Rotten-egg smell of Farts helps in attenuating Cell Damage: Healing powers of the putrid-smelling

Foul smell

We may not really appreciate someone releasing a fart publicly, but experts from the University of Exeter, suggests that these stinky farts potentially offer great health benefits. Researchers say that hydrogen sulfide gas found in human flatulence and in the foul smell of rotten eggs might be helpful in attenuating cell damage caused by certain diseases. However, one should be careful as the gas in large quantity can be fatal. 

Research team studied the effect of hydrogen sulfide gas, that is produced naturally in the body during the digestion process- on mitochondria also known as the powerhouse of the cells. They discovered that cells exposed to small amounts of hydrogen sulfide might avert mitochondrial damages and prevent cells from dying. If the mitochondria get damaged, cells’ ability to regulate inflammation diminishes and losing these powerhouse of the cells can eventually lead to death of the cell. Therefore, this discovery can be beneficial in the prevention of diseases as strokes, heart disease, arthritis, dementia, diabetes, among various other things.

Researchers explained that diseased cell in order to protect mitochondria, draws in enzymes that produce hydrogen sulfide in minuscule quantity, which aids in keeping the mitochondria ticking and the cell to be alive.

Mitochondria are the cell’s powerhouse and protecting mitochondria from damages is crucial in the prevention of certain diseases. Interestingly, the research team led by Professor Matt Whiteman has successfully created a molecule named as AP39 which can supply hydrogen sulfide, specifically to the mitochondria of the epithelial cells. Protecting or reversing damages caused to the mitochondria of the cell is the first step in treating many diseases.

So far, researchers have applied AP39 molecules to cells, under laboratory conditions and noted that cells were able to mitigate the negative effects to certain extend. There is a much to study before researchers can employ AP39 molecules in human clinical trials.

In the end, word of advice from the researchers is that there is no evidence yet, whether getting hydrogen sulfide from any outside source like smelling rotten eggs or pungent flatulence would have any impact on cell function.


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