Sleeping Can Prevent Brain Tissue Damages

Sleep can prevent brain tissue damage
In one of the article we have discussed how during sleep human brain cleans itself from toxins which if not removed can cause certain brain disorders. In a recent study, researchers have found that a healthy person deprived of sleep for just one night shows increase in molecules like NSE and S-100B in the blood concentration. These molecules are exclusively found in the brain and an increase accumulation of these in blood indicates that insufficient sleep results in brain tissue damage. 

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden choose 15 young and healthy men for conducting the study. These 15 men followed a pattern to get 8 hours of sleep each day like going to bed by11.30 pm and getting up by 7.30 am. The blood samples of these 15 men were examined following two situations. In one scenario, the men were deprived of sleep and in other they were allowed to sleep for 8 hours.

Examining the blood samples, sleep researcher Christian Benedict found an increased level of NSE and S-100B in blood following just one sleepless night. An increased concentration of these molecules is known to be bio-markers for tissue damage in brain. Thus, the study confirms that the lack of sufficient sleep may lead to neurodegenerative action. Diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis are related with insufficient sleep. Therefore ample amount of sleep is mandatory for a healthy brain functioning. The researchers now aim to conduct studies including more people and women for further analysis.

Other research has shown that lack of sleep can lower IQ level next day and irregular sleep over the time may cause several ailments like diabetes, ulcers, heart disease and even chronic fatigue. I believe there are enough reasons for you to spend some quality time sleeping in your bed.

Source: Nature World News

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