Women Require Longer Hour Of Sleep Than Men

Women require more sleep than men

Recent research by Duke University, in Durham, North Carolina, revealed women require more sleep than men do. Previous studies on the topic suggests women deprived of ample sleep is more likely to show sign of anger, aggressiveness and may suffer from heart disease, psychological problems, depression, strokes and inflammation within the body. 

The study showed women deprived of sleep are at increased danger of developing the problems than men. As per Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep expert says women when deprived of required hour of sleep are often the one complaining about pain when they woke up, due to increased level of inflammation. He further adds:

We found that women had more depression, women had more anger, and women had more hostility early in the morning.

To ward off these health problems Dr Breus recommends women to take enough sleep during night. However, for some reason if sleep deprivation persists then taking naps during the daytime ranging from 25 minutes to 90 minutes is proved helpful. But he warns not to exceed this time frame because over sleeping may make you feel even worse.

Professor Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University, England explains that during the sleep our brain works to repair and rebuild itself. All the while we are sleeping, the part of the brain known as cortex that is responsible for memory, communication, thought and so on goes into a recovery mode by getting disconnected from all the senses. He says that the amount of work is directly proportional to the amount of time required by the cortex for its recovery. So, if you are working more you need to sleep even more to let your brain to recover itself. And as women are often more multi- tasking then men, thus engaging their brain more than most men and so they need to take sleep a little longer than men.

He even said a man who is performing exhausting work as compare to other men may also require some extra sleep, but still less than a multi-tasking women. So next time you see your women felling depressed, irritated on every other issue, persuade her to take a quick nap.

Source: The Australian

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