Design Is An Art, Says Shawn Moghadam: An Interview

Shawn Moghadam is an Industrial / Vehicle / 3D Designer from Greater Los Angeles Area, CA. He has served Peugeot/Citroen (PSA), Audi, BMW, GM, Subaru, and Volvo trucks. His designs clearly show his in-depth understanding of customer requirements, which happens to be his asset in creating life in his concepts. When he is not designing, Moghadam is busy teaching design student the basics of 2D to 3D translation, how to make 3D models and generate photo-real images from them. Lately, we’ve got the honor of interviewing the much talented designer, digital modeler and creative individual, Shawn Moghadam. Scroll down to have a look,

Shawn Moghadam

TechieTonics: What do you think is the dominant factor that you take into consideration while designing your vehicles, architecture or feature?

Shawn: The package, or what are the essentials that the object needs to do what it’s suppose to.

TechieTonics: Transportation designing fits into the grand scheme of entrepreneurship, the only thing you know (while designing) is to create innovating, invigorating and problem solving solutions. How far I am correct is holding such a view?

Shawn: Unless you plan on starting a vehicle company, I don’t think this is an entrepreneurial type of career. Many things have to be considered when designing, but in a nutshell, it has to appeal to your customer.

TechieTonics: To combat fuel costs and the harmful environmental effects of petroleum as a fuel source, will sustainable mobility be a futuristic transport?

Shawn: Yes, when we find a more efficient way to harness the sun’s power.

TechieTonics: What is the biggest challenge that you think is facing the transportation designing industry and the blurring of your core business?

Shawn: The Cost of making new vehicles.

2_shawn moghadam design

TechieTonics: There has been a lot of talk about “design thinking” lately. Did you ever think of gravitating towards this way of philosophy?

Shawn: Yes, I think as a designer you want to always grow and learn about what’s new.

TechieTonics: I am curious to have your thoughts on Musk’s Hyperloop, an 800-mile-per-hour pipe dream.

Shawn: I think of Elon Musk as the Thomas Edison of our time, so I trust what he’s proposing could work somehow.

TechieTonics: Where do you see the future of automobile design going?

Shawn: In the next 20 years I see autonomous electric vehicles opening the doors to all-new packaging and allowing for more creativity. 20 years after that we’ll finally have flying cars.

TechieTonics: What kind of advice would you give to the average person who wants to get into car design?

Shawn: This is a very competitive industry to get into, but you never know unless you try. Educate yourself online, make a few projects, get honest feedback from professionals, if all that goes well then apply to a car design program at a reputable school.

3_shawn moghadam design

Quick bits:

TechieTonics: Are you someone who stops trying to improve something when you feel that it’s “good enough”?

Shawn: I think of design as Art, and so it’s never really complete and it can always be better, but deadlines usually dictate when it’s “good enough”

TechieTonics: Who (or what) has been inspiring you the most all these years?

Shawn: Napoleon Hill

TechieTonics: If you have power creation, what will you create?

Shawn: A flying recliner! (image attached)

TechieTonics: Do you like to share anything before saying goodbye?

Shawn: Yes, I’m addicted to Design and 3D modeling 🙂

Thank you Shawn for giving us your time in framing answers for this interview, we really appreciate that. Before concluding, we’d like to wish you luck and success in all your future endeavors.

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