Interview: Antony Gibbon, Founder at Antonygibbondesigns Studio, UK

Antony Gibbon is one of those inspiring and innovative designers whose areas of creativity include Furniture, Interiors, Structures, Products, Visualizations as well as Architecture at Antony Gibbon Designs Studio. His designs are not only individual but functional as well. Being a die heart environmentalist, he tries to bring in the force of sustainable materials in all his products. Nature and geometry are his major source of inspiration, touch of those could also be seen across all his designs. Lately, we got an opportunity of interviewing the most versatile and talented designer, so without much ado, please scroll down and see what the designer has to say about himself:


TechieTonics: How did your career in furniture/interiors/ structures begin? Where did you grow up and how far is the environment responsible for shaping up of your profession.

Antony Gibbon: I studied Art & Design in School & College in my hometown outside Liverpool and then went onto a degree in Furniture & 3D Multi Disciplinery Design in London so this was my area I started working in after graduation. I worked in many areas of the design Industry and focused more on Architecture in more recent years. I have always been into Nature and inspired by all natural elements to my work. Travelling and experiencing many different cultures has also had a great influence and been an Inspiration.


TechieTonics: From where do you get your inspiration to spill out your creative genius? What is for you the best way to stay energized?

Antony Gibbon: I have always had a very vivid imagination from a young age, which has allowed me to naturally visualize alot, (maybe sometimes too much) because I have always loved drawing/sketching, I learned to channel this imagery into sketchbooks. My best ideas come in the night when I should be sleeping!


TechieTonics: Apart from the woods, what other species in nature are you most in awe of and why in terms of biomimicry as a guiding principle?

Antony Gibbon: All of our natural surroundings are inspiration. To live amongst nature as opposed to surrounded by people and concrete automatically feels so relaxing. The privacy, the interaction with the flora and Fauna and how we can live with it rather than clear it down to lay concrete makes more sense.

When you think about it, everything living on this planet knows how to look after their surroundings, its only man that has not yet mastered this, we have so much to learn from our natural surroundings, therefore we should learn to have more respect for it.


TechieTonics: Aesthetics and functionality are intertwined and interdependent of each other as in the case of the Buddhist Yin-Yang symbol, what’s your take on this view of mine?

Antony Gibbon: Yes, if you can find that balance to bring the two together to work in harmony with one another then it is the secret with design or anything for that matter. They must complement each other equally.


TechieTonics: I understand it’s slightly difficult to answer this but is there any project of yours that you’re totally in love with?

Antony Gibbon: Its tricky to answer as they all serve different purposes but I am excited about my new design however, it’s not released yet. I am still looking for the client to build this with.


TechieTonics: What are your future plans with respect to your designs? And presently, what are the interesting things that have hooked your attention?

Antony Gibbon: I would like to create more environments for people to enjoy and experience staying in the nature, whether it’s a hotel, Retreat, Office or even a Hospital! A place that works with the natural surroundings, a place of peace and tranquility.


Rapid- fire questions:

TT: What websites and magazines do you read on a regular basis?

AG: I don’t read too many to be honest.

TT: Your favorite piece of music would be?

AG: Not one in particular… but at the moment listening a lot to Shankar: Raga Aberi/ Boards of Canada: Tomorrows Harvest.


TT: If you had to walk in another man’s shoes for a day, it would have to be?

AG: Anyone human from the beginning of civilization.

TT: If you have been bestowed with one super power, it would be?

AG: Enlightenment


Antony this has been a real pleasure! I can’t thank you enough on the behalf of myself and TechieTonics for taking out time and enable us to learn more about you and your career. Please know that you are welcome back any time and we look forward to visiting with you again and seeing much more of your work in the future. Wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors.

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