Interview: David Henrichs, Co-Founder at DH Product Design in Germany

David Henrichs is a German designer whose design philosophy is very well depicted in all his works – beauty combined with sustainability. He lives and works in London, Munich and Berlin. His work demonstrates a combination of geometric and natural forms. His designs not only are simple to look at but also run on futuristic lines and colors. Very deftly, he is able to fuse fashion in his unique collection, which does not override the aesthetics of his products. There’s more to this creative individual, we are pleased to offer you our latest interview with David himself, scroll down and see for yourself,


TechieTonics: How did your career in designing begin? Where did you grow up and how far is the environment responsible for shaping up of your profession.

David Henrichs: My interest in design began very early. Already as a small child I enjoyed taking apart and fixing objects. When I was sixteen I designed and made two units, the T1 and T2, for my stereo system. I grew up in a very artistic environment, which I am sure helped to spur my creativity. My parents were always very supportive of my interests.

TechieTonics: Would you like to share your project(s) details involving energy saving lightbulbs?

David Henrichs: While environmentally friendly, energy saving light bulbs are not particularly aesthetically pleasing. Their quality of light leaves much to be desired. Many of my projects aim to improve on these inherent qualities, in order to make energy saving light bulbs a more desirable proposition.


TechieTonics: What’s the specialty of your venture, the DH product design?

David Henrichs: DH product design specialises in lighting solutions, improving lighting in the domestic and office environment with the most minimal of means.

TechieTonics: While exploring your lighting design options based on energy efficiency, which one would you like to bet on, for instance, would it be fluorescent or incandescent or outdoor solar or LED or anything else you’d like to mention?

David Henrichs: All lighting design options come with their own set of problems: for instance, an energy saving light bulb might save on electricity but present problems for waste disposal. In some cases a simple incandescent with a good dimmer might be the better option. DH product design explores each option on a case-by-case basis.


TechieTonics: I would love to know more about the Cube collection, which is quite an example of mixing fusion to fashion.

David Henrichs: It is interesting that you consider the Cube collection as fashion related. In fact, most of the inspiration is not man-made, but comes from nature. Only the Hummingbird cube is directly inspired by the Nazca lines in southern Peru.

TechieTonics: Like the 3Star Lampshade are you involved with any other projects that have futuristic tones running beneath, if yes, would you to illuminate?

David Henrichs: DH product design is always interested in making use of the latest technology and recently has done much research into OLEDS – DELO-4.1 and DELO-4.2 are the initial test projects.

TechieTonics: You have experience working in London, Munich and Berlin, which means, you must be having myriad clients, so are there some different requirement regarding light with respect to the region you are dealing with?

David Henrichs: London, Munich and Berlin are all cosmopolitan European cities and it is therefore difficult to distinguish a particular clientele, as they share many characteristics. Maybe if DH product expands further to Asia, Africa or America, then the differences might be more pronounced.

TechieTonics: I understand it’s slightly difficult to answer this but is there any project of yours that you’re totally in love with?

David Henrichs: All my projects are a work of love!


TechieTonics: How important is lighting for an organized home?

David Henrichs: Hugely important!  It is not simply a question of making the home more appealing (which of course is also important). There are various health issues to think about. There has to be appropriate lighting for reading; for working in the kitchen; for the bathroom mirror. The solutions should be flexible – the strong working light in the kitchen should also allow for softer light to better enjoy the evening meal. Much of this is obvious, yet it is surprising how rarely implemented.

TechieTonics: What’s the most valuable lesson you’re learned during your career in designing?

David Henrichs: Never give up!


Rapid- fire questions:

TechieTonics: If you were not a designer, what would you be?

David Henrichs: A bird.

TechieTonics: If you had to walk in another man’s shoes for a day, it would have to be?

David Henrichs: Why does it have to be a man?


TechieTonics: If in one word, you have been asked to describe yourself, it would be?

David Henrichs: Passionate!

TechieTonics: If you have been bestowed with one super power, it would be?

David Henrichs: Become invisible.

TechieTonics: If you were a historical person, it would have to be?

David Henrichs: Oliver Hardy.


David, thank you so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure to talk to you today. We look forward to seeing more of your work in the very near future and before signing off, we’d like to wish you luck and success for all your future endeavors.


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