Interview with Tommy Seilheimer Founder and CEO of Defcon13 Media

Lately, we got a chance of interviewing Tommy Seilheimer, the Founder and CEO of Defcon13 Media. An entrepreneur by nature he is curious about everything on the web and enjoys writing / discussing things on SEO, SMM, Web Design, WordPress, Marketing, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Videos, Sports, Food, Health, Videogames, Politics, Music, Apple, SciFi, Documentaries, North Korea and more.

Tommy has been a brand strategy, marketing and WordPress design consultant for over 13 years. Skilled at analyzing market trends and customer needs to develop highly effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Wanna know more about the decisive marketing executive who drives company growth through creative and innovative marketing strategies, scroll down to reach for the interview,

tommy seilheimer

TechieTonics: Please tell us something about you and your journey from Division Manager for SoundTech to Founder /CEO of DEFCON13 Media?

Tommy: The journey actually started in my last 2 years of High School. 1990-1992 – This is when I got into my first rock band. Looking back, to me his was the founding groundwork on my marketing career. Back in the day, I would have to make our own posters and once completed, market them. It was a very grass roots process. I think what was learned was creativity, distribution and branding our name. I still fall back to the basics when working with bigger companies because you can’t build a home without a solid foundation.

TechieTonics: Good branding is much more than logo and visual system, how far am I correct in holding such a view?

Tommy: Absolutely, beyond visual and logos, branding is simply about delivering a message clearly, credibility conformation for the brand, the strategic targeting of prospects creatively and emotionally and ultimately motivating the buyer. That’s the goal. If all of these are done correctly, you will create user loyalty! Think Apple.

TechieTonics: Quick, creative and strategic are the three most important things that brands must look up to in today’s fast-paced digital market. What do you say?

Tommy: I agree with this assessment, however I would like to add a crucial fourth element, analytical tracking. This is something that should be thought of and implemented from day one. Feedback will be your best friend moving forward. Trends and pattern recognition will help you navigate your ship a bit easier with more end results.

TechieTonics: In the past 2 years, we have seen a lot of logo redesigns like Yahoo, Starbucks, Twitter, Microsoft, American Airlines, Expedia, Gap to name a few. How important is a good logo in terms branding and marketing?

Tommy: To me personally, I love a great logo. Something you can really dive into. This is what people connect with. Just as Nike’s swoosh trademark logo, people love to feel proud to associate them with a brand / symbol. People love to know you spent time being creative. That’s what marketing is all about. Set the standard.

Logos and brands are very important in establishing relationships with new customers. If a customer is searching for a lawn services company, for example, and he comes across two companies on Google—one that doesn’t have a professional logo design and one that does—which company do you think is more appealing?

The company with a logo has an advantage because a professional logo design conveys a feeling of trust… and trust is a big reason why customers initiate a relationship with your company. Most people are willing to pay more to have a relationship with a trusted company, as opposed to working with an unknown, generic entity.

TechieTonics: Are the people or customers attached to a logo or the brands or their experiences? How can a brand makeover change the way people think about the brands?

Tommy: I really do agree with this question. Sometimes as simple as it sounds, a new logo or brand overhaul sometimes means a new and exciting direction. People relate to change, it’s ok to re-brand. Sports teams, hotels and internet companies do it all the time.

TechieTonics: What future technologies are you excited about and why?

Tommy: I am very excited to be getting my hand on the Google Glasses developer kit this week! It’s really the only thing I am focusing on. I cannot wait to see it’s functionality and also what our team here at DEFCON13 Media and Lifestyle Interactive Technologies can develop for the Google Glasses. I will be blogging about these on shortly.

TechieTonics: What challenges do you face, managing day-to-day agency relationships?

Tommy: The only challenge I see daily is communication issues. We always tell our clients, we can work as fast as you need, but your communication is necessary to keep us on-track. It’s always been the challenge but we do communicate this well in the beginning stages.

TechieTonics: Where do you see social media landscape unfolding in the next 5 years?

Tommy: I see the landscape of social media gearing towards more and more.

TechieTonics: What’s the startup scene like in West Chicago?

Tommy: Well, right now, the majority of small business websites including new design, re-branding and social media marketing is great. We really try to keep our costs extremely affordable. We tend to find when you do a great job on a budget they can afford, it is worth it 10 fold. 80% of all our work is word of mouth advertising. This saves on marketing costs and what a better way to sell your brand when someone raves about it!

TechieTonics: What one piece of advice would you like to give to soon to be startup founders across the world?

Tommy: Be prepared to work endlessly and to have many sleepless nights 🙂 . To me, when you are doing something you love, it’s all worth it in the end. You will eventually find your sweet spot and outsource when needed. Never be shy to bring in someone to help out, so that YOU can continue to grow your business / brand. Don’t try to do everything.

Quick bits:

TechieTonics: If you could choose to make a dream come true, it would be?

Tommy: If I could make a dream come true, I would love to live in the Philippines with my fiancé Jacky Lou one day. When I visited the country I really fell in love their culture, the people, how kind everyone was and the amazing food. Life is simple there and it’s an amazing place to be an entrepreneur if you work hard at creating a great plan.

TechieTonics: If you have been bestowed with one super power, it would be?

Tommy: If I were to have one superpower, it would be the ability to help someone in need, with whatever it is they are in need of. People need to think and do more for each other. It’s a busy; greed filled life many of us seem to live in, including myself. Self-improvement and realizing just how lucky you are should hopefully make people understand that we are all brothers and sisters and need to help one another. Be kind to one another. Non-selfish.

TechieTonics: Your work motto?

Tommy: “Sleeping is a waste of time”

This was indeed an amazing interview, thank you Tommy for taking out time in helping us go about a virtual meet up. Your answers were full of insights especially about branding and logos. Your work is truly an inspiration, am sure like me readers too have enjoyed it thoroughly. Before signing off, we’d like to wish you luck and success for all your future endeavors.

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