Baxter Research Robot: Ideal Platform for Collaborative Robotics


Baxter Research Robot is an interesting and affordable concept for the corporate and academic robotics research across the world. It would help teaching fifth graders how to code on a real robo machine. Targeted towards academic and corporate R&D departments, it would assist in human-robot interaction and collaborative robotics to the next level.

Safe and reliable hardware platform

The humanoid robot platform is worth $25,000 (USD). It consists of two 7-axis arms, embedded cameras, sonar, torque based sensors and direct programming access through standard Robot Operating System interface. It makes use of Unified Robot Description Format (URDF) for promoting teamwork across research groups.

It is terms of its operational point of view, it is completely harmless and it does not require any special skill for maneuvering.

The Prototype’s features plus its cost effectiveness has already made its presence felt in educational institutes in the US. And now the innovative platform is trying to make its way through Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and Hong Kong.

Source: Rethink Robotics

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