Biomimicry: Outrunner’s Steering based on Bipeds Walking Mechanism


In an effort of inculcating the sci-fi trends – where robots are doing the great things – into the real world, researchers at the Robotics Unlimited, a spinoff of the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) in Florida, are working hard towards designing bots that might assume a role into the everyday life of humanity. Thinking on the same lines, they have developed a Kickstarter project, aim of which is to fabricate next-gen robots.

The robots are designed keeping simplicity and convenient operation in mind along with affordability. After several months of thinking, testing and prototyping, they were able to give out the world’s first RC running robot, OutRunner.

People who were anticipating to have a robot with them can now fulfill their dream. The OutRunner is made commercially available for robot buffs. The bot has some truly remarkable capabilities that is making it consuming major chunk of the market pie, some of abilities include, self-balancing, running at the speed of 32 kilometers per hour across all topography with an amazing 2 hours battery life. What’s more, the bot can be remotely controlled via smartphone.

It does not require any special training for operation and neither for updations. It is fairly simple and convenient, just pressing the accelerator is enough for steering it along. It seems, OutRunner is the most friendly machine as of now.

Two Versions: Core and Performance

The manufacturers have given two versions for the consumers to choose from, that is, Core and Performance. Former is designed for those who just want to have a bot around for playing purposes while the latter is fabricated for those who want slightly more than just fun. Performance version of OutRunner comes with embedded sensors, making it more armored for driving the thrill part let’s say, racing.

I find the OutRunner has an interesting look, reminds me of Kyle from Despicable Me. However, I’d wish to have Dave to be my robo friend, Robotics Unlimited are you listening 😀

Source: Kickstarter

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