GoCart, the Food Delivery Bot: Service Robot for Elderly and Health Care Industry


Slowly and steadily, robots are replacing labor in nearly all sectors some envision it as a threat while others think that it will make the human lives more convenient. There is no doubt that these machines would directly improve productivity and efficiency especially in service sector. Thinking on the same lines, manufactures are working across nations in developing service-oriented bots, first came James the Barman, followed by SaviOne the butler bot and now South Korea-based Yujin Robot has come up with GoCart, a meal-transport machine especially designed to function in all elderly and health care facilities.

GoCart is integrated with sensors and cameras that help it in mapping its environment and carrying out tasks autonomously without interfering with huddles or external objects. The robot cart is programmed for delivering food within health care institutions thus, allowing the staff including care assistants to devote their time towards human skills like providing emotional support, which otherwise have been buried under heavy piles of other monotonous work.

Some people think that with the rise of robotics, there would be dearth of opportunities as it’ll eclipse the employment sector. However, the makers have a different point of view they believe that the bots would fill the void where they’d be shortages of staff. Further, these machines would elevate the efficiency, which might give the probability of creating new jobs. As of now, the concept of GoCart looks promising, once implement on large scale, the mundane activities will remain no longer a pain and staff in question can spend more time in doing activities where these robots cannot reach like, focusing more on human care.

One of the main questions with these bots in the surrounding would be the safety issues. Currently, the trials are going on, let’s wait and watch where are the limitations extending to. Nevertheless, I am confident, this technology would soon be touching the lives of many across the globe.

Source: Yujin GoCart

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