Pars Will Be The New Lifeguard


An innovative invention in the field of robotics has been recently tested successfully. RTS lab, earlier this year disclosed its big idea named Pars a flying robot with the aim of rescuing drowning people at sea by dropping the life saver. This idea was backed by an Iran based company which provided the required funds for the testing of the first working model in the open Caspian sea where a number of drowning cases get reported time and again.

The bot was tested for its stability during flying and its steadiness and preciseness in releasing the life saver. The trail were conducted both during day and night time for determining whether the bot was able to achieve the desired result in different light condition. Pars could fly for successful ten minutes and attained a maximum speed of 10 meter per second. This implies that the bot can be used for surveys over a radius of 4.5 kilometer.

During the trail the bot was able to reach the desired target located at a distance of 74 meter and dropped the life saver taking just 22 seconds in total. Whereas it took 91 second for human lifeguard to rescue the target positioned at the same distance. Also the limitation with the human lifeguard is that only one person can be rescued at a time, whereas the bot can drop three life saver at one go saving three lives at a time.

The bot is laced with LED lights which aides in the rescue mission at night by making it easier to locate the bot and the tube dropped from it. A GPS is installed to enabling the bot, easily reach drowning people and then return to the base after the operation of its own.

As of now Pars will not be able to pull any drowning person however it can provide the rescue team with some crucial information and extra time by reaching the target and taking the first step in the rescue i.e dropping the tubes.

With the successful testing, in future we may be able to see Pars with added abilities like increased radius and flight time, artificial intelligence for image and sound processor to track down people in need and emergency landing. RTS aims to build an off shore dock for multiple Pars and can be used in ships and coastline assistance, monitoring marine and off shore structures.

Well I can’t wait to see Pars in action but may be this bot is not going to liked by those drowning person who wished to be saved by a Baywatch lifeguard.

Source: RTSideas

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