Pepper Robot for Sale: World’s First Personal Bot the Reads Emotions


Softbank’s Pepper robot will be hitting stores by 20th of June that is coming Saturday. The robot is furnished with heart like designed that not only helps in identifying human emotions but reacting with simulations of anger, joy and irritation.

In place of lower limbs, the bot is supplied with wheels for locomotion however upper limbs do consist of arms and articulated fingers in hands. Although the machine won’t be able to clasp a glass to fetch for its owner since the grip is not so perfect. The aim behind designing the machine is to offer a bot with love. It helps displaying moments of love and happiness by showing past events videos like wedding or first birthday parties. Somewhere close to what Baymax showed to Hiro Hamada in Big Hero 6 to elevate his pain.


The machine was put before the audience on Thursday at a Tokyo area theater where it communicated with invitees, gave a dance performance, sang a birthday song and exhibited its ability of tracking family life in photos. Upon praising or stroking, it even responded with joy unlike any human would have done.


Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Softbank Corp. announced that they are planning to go for sales across the globe with their robotics unit. They are already collaborating with Alibaba Group of China and FoxConn of Taiwan with software and manufacturing and offering them a stake of 20 percent each. He further added that in due course of time, the robot would acquire more learning by interacting with people. The machine can remember faces and displays happy emotion upon receiving attention while shows sadness when it doesn’t receive attention. The machine is also programmed to cheer sad people thus lessening their suffering.


Technology company Softbank will be making Pepper available for sales by the end of this year. The company would also be renting the machine for $12 per hour to retailers and firms to fill in the gaps of reception desks.

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