The Revolutionary UniMo Tank Tread Electric Wheelchairs

UniMo Wheelchair

The International Robotics Exhibition held at Tokyo last week witnessed the first ever of its type wheelchair. Nano Optonics Energy of Japan presented the UniMo (Unique Mobility) electric driven wheelchair, making it now possible for wheelchair bound person to explore and travel beyond their limit with more ease, comfort and style. There are two models available: UniMo Grace and UniMo Sport.

The UniMO has a rubber tank tread with the length of 100 cm and width of 69.5 cm, and it can easily turn in narrow area requiring just a turning radius of 60 cm. The tank tread can easily cross over a 15 cm gap making it possible to move almost everywhere from beaches, to moving in snow, from lawn to mud, from smooth open area to uneven narrow spaces. It is powered with 400 W power-train helping in achieving the top speed of 6 km/h .Like any electric motor, UniMo also uses regenerative brakes(thus saving its kinetic energy from converting into heat) and has 15 ah phosphate lithium ion battery. Aided with easy driving controls and a 180 spin on its tread and a way better suspension than the traditional wheelchair are some of its other qualities.

The UniMo Grace is available now for purchase at the cost of US$ 18,000.

UniMo Grace as its name suggest, looks more graceful and is ultra stylish wheelchair. It is available in black and white ivory and the brushed aluminium model look inspired from the apple product. Apart from style the Grace has a USB port for your smartphone charging while at move along with a trunk with a lock to carry essentials. It has another import feature that is power driven seat tilt up-to 30 degree making it easier for handicapped person to get up or set in without any help.

UniMo Sport is designed for rough terrain making it possible for the handicapped person to experience like never before. UniMo Sport weighting 85 kg is slightly light than its Grace version and has better ground clearance and a scratch without expensive parts to take care of in rough terrains and making it comparatively cheaper too.

UniMo Sport is available for sale from November end and is priced at US$ 10,000.

The Nano Optonics Energy is working with many universities of Japan to fuse robotics and the electric power to bring revolution in the mobility for the handicapped or elderly people. Everyday chore like taking a train, moving on damaged road/ footpaths with open potholes or going in supermarket for shopping is now possible without needing an helping hand and thus changing life like never before.

Source: Gizmag

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