10 Images of ESA’s IXV Mini-Shuttle: Blasting off in February 2015

ESA’s mini shuttle is all set to launch its flight and reentry mission. With this development, Europe will set strong foundation for innovative technology that would help future reentry missions for astronauts as well as other spatial bodies.

The test flight is scheduled to be held on February 11. The entire operation would last for about 100 minutes testing the critical systems using 300 embedded sensors.

Following are some of the images of the ESA’s space taxi, as they call it.

1) IXV during integration at Thales Alenia Space

Thales Alenia Space, Rorino

2) IXV during the last preparations


3) Cut open view of Vega VV04 carrying IXV

IXV Artist's view

4) Studded with 300 sensors the prototype IXV left will collect data on craft’s handling and thermodynamics


5) Prototype IXV fairing separation


6) IXV ready for launch

VV04 Groupe IXV au S1B le 18/10/2014

7) IXV installed on its payload adapter


8) Artist’s view of the IXV mission

IXV Artist's view

9) IXV will be launched into a suborbital path by a Vega rocket


10) IXV prototype hoisted onto ship


Source: ESA Space in Images

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