Black Holes morph into White Holes: Space-Time Loops cause Big Bounce


As per a recent theory, supernova explosions could be the dying throes of black holes that were formed soon after the Big Bang. The phenomenon called black holes have been the most flabbergasting observable fact of the universe and until now, there has been no concrete evidence as to what is on its other side and what happens to the matter that it engulfs. However, two physicists have gone ahead and postulated that these black holes have an expiry date too and that they morph into ‘white holes’ explosively dispersing its engulfed material into space. This means, black holes do not destroy information, thus preserving the law of conservation of energy.

To expatiate further, researchers asserted that as soon as the black hole is formed, it starts transitioning towards white holes but the phenomena is not observable to humans since gravity dilates time so for humans, the transitional phase occurs for about more than trillions of age. Talking on the same line of thought, they claimed that the time is not far when the white holes, emanated from the black holes, would start popping off, like firecrackers, high-energy cosmic rays or similar radiation, which also happens to be the case with supernova explosions.

Formation of black holes

As per theory of relativity by Einstein, when a star reaches its threshold of death, gravitational collapse begins to take place consequent upon which the star starts to cave in, an irreparable phenomenon, which even nature cannot intervene and thus, the black holes are created.

Merging quantum theory and gravity

Theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli of France have made an effort in juxtaposing two forces, quantum theory and gravity and pointed out that gravity along with space-time are quantized and are woven into micro loops, which cannot be further subdivided.

Currently, the hypothesis is still yet to be proved but the physicist believes that micro nature of these loops is such that to any outside observer the space-time loop looks smooth and incessant. It is the structural arrangement of these loops, which halts the disintegration of a black hole asserted Rovelli.

Loops causing quantum bounce

While a stellar life is caving in due to its gravitational collapse, it will reach a point where caving in would go no further since the loop would render incapable of accommodating any more compression. Consequent upon which, it would exert a pressure towards the outside, to which the researchers call the quantum bounce thus, morphing the black hole into white hole.

Currently, the quantum effects seem unrealistically large but if the theorists were able to prove the conjecture, it would help humankind to unfold one of the most long lasting mysteries universe has to offer since its inception.

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